Simply Knots Business

Hello, my friends and supporters!

Simply Knots is officially a business under the state if Minnesota, as of today. Prices will not be changed at this point, however, sales tax is going to be tacked on and shipping is no longer included in the price. When I get the chance to update all posts to reflect this change, it will be noted here (UPDATE: Changes have been made).

As of now: Sales tax is listed at the bottom of item pages/ under items that are taxable on the Premade Items for Sale page. Changes have been made to the purchasing & policies pages as well and are in bold lettering for your convenience.

Shipping is free for orders over $30; for orders under $30, the shipping is $8. –This has been noted on the Policies page.

For custom orders: My policy has changed. If you are purchasing a custom order, you will be required to pay before I start the order. I have to keep track of my costs and profits in quite a few areas, and because I am new to this, I cannot risk not being paid. Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize for any inconveniences. –This is now on the Policies page.

An added note: I’m going to be in my first craft fair in November and I’m really excited. If you live on the Iron Range, watch for me at the Thunderbird mall!


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